Staking Walkthrough

Directly from your Fearless Wallet mobile interface, all you need to do is tap the Staking section.

At the top, you can select whether to stake DOT, KSM, CAPS, REEF, XOR, GLMR, and more.

You will see the minimum amount to stake in Fearless Wallet (this may vary depending on the current network state).

You can then decide your payout method, the options are Restake or Payout:

  • If you select Restake your rewards will increase your stake and will continue doing so every subsequent era, ultimately increasing the eventual rewards

  • If you select Payout, you can supply an address to receive your rewards (if you want them in a different account).

For more information on payouts, refer to the How to Change a Reward Destination section.

The Validators section gives you two options:

  • Validators suggested by the algorithm will show a list of those that are better reputable and more profitable as well as most trustworthy (this list can change over time)

  • Your validators will show a list of all validators available, you will be able to filter or search the list based on different criteria.

For more information on Validators refer to the How to Select/Change Validators section.

When you proceed with validators suggested by the algorithm, you will get a list along with an APY percentage. You can select a maximum of 16 validators on Polkadot or 24 validators on Kusama (The more validators selected, the better the overall staking performance).

After you have selected your validators and pressed Continue, you will get a confirmation window that will provide you a summary of your reward payout selection, and the amount of validators you have chosen. Review the network fee, and if you are happy with the results, you can press Confirm.

After confirming, you will be returned to the main staking screen. Depending on the time and date you proceed to stake, you might not commence staking immediately.

Once you have your staking set up, the Staking section of your Fearless Wallet will become the information hub for all your validators. You can easily access and review notifications from them in the Alerts view and have graphical summaries of your staked assets. It is this simple to stake fearlessly!

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