SORA Staking

This guides provides a user-friendly walkthrough on staking $XOR in Fearless Wallet

Follow these steps to stake your $XOR:

  1. Navigate to the Staking tab

  2. Tap on the network selector under the Staking header and choose SORA Mainnet

  3. Provide the staking amount and select "Start staking".

  4. The reward process is automated, meaning you will receive your earnings automatically once your nominator distributes them.

    As with other networks available for Fearless staking, you can select suggested validators or choose your own if you have a trusted validator that you are already familiar with. You will also see within the Fearless staking UI if your nominated validator is no longer in the active validator set.

In this case, we have chosen a custom validator, RingRound. After selecting it from the list, it will be added to your list. Remember, you can nominate/select up to 24 validators.

  1. After confirming the network fees and verifying that all the details are correct, tap confirm, and you will be successfully nominating SORA network validators!

Stake More/Less

  1. After navigating to the staking view and selecting the validator, you will find the following options:

  2. Tap on ‘Stake more’ and then input the amount you want to stake:

  3. You will then receive a confirmation message to verify the new stake and the network fees:

Please let us know if you have any issues with this feature on our Support Channel or would like to suggest more fearless improvements in our Telegram Community.

Stay Fearless!

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