Ternoa Staking

Follow these steps to stake your $CAPS:

  1. If you are new to Fearless Wallet, you need to download the app first

  2. Once in the app, you can import an existing wallet or create a new one — here is a quick guide

  3. With CAPS tokens in your Fearless Wallet, navigate to the ‘Staking’ tab

  4. Tap on the top panel under the ‘Staking’ header and select Ternoa Mainnet

  5. Provide the amount of CAPS you wish to stake and choose your preferred reward output and click ‘Continue.’

Choosing ‘Restake’ will result in your rewards being automatically added to the staked amount and work in the way of compound interest. ‘Payout’ will allow you to set up a wallet you’d like to use for receiving the rewards.

  1. As with other networks available for fearless staking, you can select suggested validators or choose your own if you have a trusted validator that you are already familiar with:

  1. After reviewing the network fees and ensuring all the details are correct, tap confirm, and you will successfully be staking CAPS!

Thanks to Fearless Wallet, managing your validators and staking CAPS has become effortless.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the feature on our Support Channel or would like to suggest more improvements in our Telegram Community.

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