Conclusions / Next Steps

In Summary

  • After reviewing each section and familiarising yourself with how Fearless Wallet works, here is what you can do next

What's Next?

That is a good question. The answer is: whatever you want! Here are some suggestions of what you can do with all the newfound knowledge you got:

  1. Now you can easily download Fearless Wallet to your Android or iOS device, make an account and have #fearless self-custody of your assets. Have a look at our updated UX/UI, we are always doing our best to make your daily routine more pleasant;

  2. Dive deeper into unique and advanced features such as scam alerts and nomination pools;

  3. Explore other useful functions. Navigate around the wallet's Network Management. Find a convenient way to manage multiple network accounts within a single app;

  4. Take part in our survey and help us improve. Any and all suggestions are welcome. If we don't have an active poll at any given time, just drop us an email and share your Telegram handle (which is all it takes, privacy is everything to us). Your voice will be heard and we will get back to you shortly. Fearless community Feedback means the world to us;

  5. You can join the Fearless Wallet community on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, or Element, make some friends and help us educate and inspire other members. With time and dedication, you can also become an Ambassador, who will #fearlessly spread the word about our wallet. Ambassadors are the first to receive updates from the team, get rewards for their hard work, and take part in our regular events such as demos and AMA.

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