Exporting and Importing a Wallet Using a JSON File

Exporting an Account From Fearless Wallet

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We're now ready to properly save our JSON File! Set a password and click on Continue. The password will be used in a later stage to export your account.

If you're interested in exporting the Moonbeam or Moonriver wallet, select Export Ethereum, otherwise Export substrate.

You can now choose to export as text or export to file.

The latter is usually easier and more intuitive.

Importing to Polkadot.js

Open the polkadot.js extension and click on Restore account from backup JSON file.

Finally, you will have to provide your newly created .json file and the password you set before.

Importing an Account to Fearless Wallet

Fearless Wallet supports importing an account using a JSON file. You can either attach the JSON file or paste the contents of the file into your Fearless Wallet. Before you import an account using this method, you need to have the JSON file at hand and the account password.

To export your account's JSON file, open the Polkadot.js extension on your browser and click on the three dots next to the account you want to export, then select export account: your JSON file will be downloaded automatically.

Open the Fearless Wallet app and tap on Settings and then Wallets.

Click on Add wallet and I already have a wallet.

Select the correct Source type to use from the drop-down menu while importing your account.

A section will appear labeled Restore JSON, tap it, and select Paste JSON if you have the text within the file on your clipboard, or Paste JSON or upload file if you prefer to upload the JSON file.

If you select Paste JSON, Fearless Wallet will paste the content of your clipboard (so by this point you should have copied the text from your JSON file), whereas if you select Paste JSON or upload file, Fearless Wallet will access your phone storage and you can locate and then select the JSON file within your phone's files.

After you have pasted the JSON, you need to input an account Name and Password.

If required, you can tap on Advanced + and select the Keypair crypto type. (The default and recommended setting is Schnorrkel sr25519)

After all the data is correctly filled, tap Next and your account will be available in your Fearless Wallet!

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