Create a new wallet or import the existing one

Create a new wallet

If you don't have a wallet on the Polkadot network yet, tap "Create a new wallet" on the initial screen. If you already have a wallet you'd like to use with Fearless, tap "I already have a wallet":

If you're creating a new wallet, you'll be prompted to choose a name for your wallet, you can enter any you like, this name will be used to distinguish your wallet from others on your device. Once you've entered the name you want, the app will generate a 12-word recovery phrase. Right after that, you'll need to confirm your mnemonic passphrase by clicking on each word in the correct order:

Write down this phrase and store it in a safe place, as it can be used to restore your wallet if you ever lose access to it. If you lose this phrase, you won't be able to recover your wallet. Don't share this phrase with anyone.

If you’re an advanced user and would like to have a custom derivation path for your wallet, click on “Advanced” and paste your derivation path.

Import an existing wallet

Once your wallet has been created or imported, you'll be able to view your balances, send and receive crypto, stake your crypto, participate in parachain crowdloans, and access other fearless features of the app. Congrats, you're now ready to start using the Fearless Wallet to manage your crypto assets!

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