How to Claim AIR Rewards from the Centrifuge Kusama Crowdloans

ℹ️ Altair is already supported in the Fearless Wallet app.

How to claim your AIR tokens

1. Export your Fearless Wallet account to polkadot.js using this tutorial.

2. Now you can claim your rewards on the Altair website. Select the correct wallet from your Polkadot.js browser extension and click on Claim rewards. It could take around 20-30 seconds so don’t navigate away or refresh the page.

3. In order to see your rewards, make sure that your KSM account is set to Allow use on any chain in the extension, by clicking on the three dots to the right:

Go to polkadot.js (be sure to select Centrifuge chain at the top right, click on the previous link to be redirected automatically). If you're requested, update the metadata:

After that, return to your Account in polkadot.js and you should be able to see your AlR balance.

For more information, visit the:

Official Altair tutorial

Official Altair Telegram chat

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