Crowdloan Walkthrough

Participating in crowdloans is very easy in Fearless Wallet, first and foremost, make sure you have enough $KSM/$DOT balance in your wallet. With that sorted, navigate to the Crowdloans section on the bottom of the window.

NOTE: "Tokens used to participate must be transferable — that is, not locked for any reason, including staking, vesting, and governance — because they will be moved into a module-controlled account that was generated uniquely for this campaign." More information here.

Once you're in, you will see your contributions (if/when you have participated in any) in a list you can access, the available crowdloans with their duration, and those that have expired.

After selecting a crowdloan to participate, you will see the details of the one you have selected. Here you will be able to determine how many tokens you are contributing, preview the reward you could receive and the leasing period, as well as more information on the amount raised by the project and the time left to contribute. You will also have a link to the project's crowdloan page where you can find out more details. When you're ready tap Continue. (We will update this guide soon with information on bonuses through referral codes.)

Finally, you will get the summary of your crowdloan, as well as the estimated reward (as mentioned before, bonuses will be addressed in an update of this guide), and the network fees required for the transaction. If you're happy with that, tap confirm.

The crowdloans should now appear in the "Your contributions" section of your Fearless Wallet.

You can participate in as many crowdloans as you want using your Fearless Wallet. Remember to always do your research on the projects you decide to support.

It is that simple to crowdloan Fearlessly. If you have questions regarding rewards, we suggest you contact the project directly through their website in the Learn (project) Crowdloan section of the crowdloan summary before confirming.

Finally, as Fearless Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that communicates directly to the blockchain, it is possible that you may encounter crowdloans that are already active for participation, even though it is before the officially advertised times. Similarly, if a project decides to end the crowdloan before the blockchain's hard cap, it may appear as though contributions are still accepted. Fearless Wallet has no influence over this and any clarification on the matter will need to be addressed by the project itself.

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