Cross-Chain Transfers (XCM)

XCM transfers enable you to seamlessly move tokens across different networks within the Polkadot ecosystem. Whether you’re an experienced crypto enthusiast or new to the world of blockchain, Fearless Wallet provides a user-friendly interface for conducting these transfers.

How to use XCM Transfers in Fearless Wallet

  1. To initiate a cross-chain transfer, open Fearless Wallet and navigate to the Cross Chain transfers section by tapping on any applicable (parachain) asset in your wallet.

  2. On the subsequent page, you may change the asset by selecting from the available options on the origin network, enter the amount to be transferred, choose the destination network and address.

Make sure that the destination network is chosen correctly and the destination address matches the network.

  1. After ensuring all data is entered correctly tap on the “Continue” button.

  2. If the destination address does not match the destination network, an error message will be shown and you need to enter the correct address.

  3. Then, review the transfer details before confirming the transaction.

  4. Congratulations! Your transfer is now complete. Watch your tokens soar across networks and enjoy the benefits of seamless and fearless cross-chain transactions. To verify the status of your transfer, you can use Subscan, a reliable blockchain explorer.

Please let us know if you have any issues with this feature on our Support Channel or would like to suggest more fearless improvements in our Telegram Community.

Stay Fearless!

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