Fearless Wallet

How to use Fearless Wallet with Polkaswap

This guide provides a concise and user-friendly walkthrough for installing, connecting and using the Fearless Wallet browser extension to Polkaswap.

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Go to this page and click on "Add to Chrome"
In the pop-up window, click "Add Extension" to confirm the installation of the Fearless Wallet browser extension

Creating / Importing your account

Click on the Fearless Wallet icon in the upper right corner
Decide whether you need to Create a new wallet or Import the existing account and click on the corresponding button
Besides classic seedphrase importing, Fearless Wallet supports connecting your Google Drive or mobile device (with your existing wallet). You're welcome to try these out!

Creating a wallet

In case you're creating a new wallet, give it a nickname
Then, backup your passphrase (make sure to save it somewhere in a safe place)
Choose a password for your newly-created account
All done! Now we can move to connecting the extension to Polkaswap.io

Importing your wallet

In case you already have a wallet, you can import it by clicking on the corresponding button
Select the Source type for your private key and then paste it into the field below. In our case it's going to be mnemonic passphrase
Choose a nickname for your wallet
And finally, enter your password

All done! Now we can move to connecting the extension to Polkaswap.io

Connecting Fearless Wallet to Polkaswap

Go to Polkaswap.io, then proceed to the Account tab
On the Account tab you'll see different extensions available for connecting, click on Fearless Wallet
In the pop-up window, click "Yes, I allow this application access"
Select your account from the list (by clicking on your nickname)
Done! You've just successfully connected Fearless Wallet with the Polkaswap. Happy Decentralized Trading and Stay Fearless!

Polkaswap Swaps

Besides swapping your assets in the Swap tab on Polkaswap, you can also utilize the Polkaswap Swaps feature right inside the extension!
In order to swap your assets, open the extension and search for the asset you'd like to swap
Click on the asset, then press the Swap button
Select the asset for swapping
IMPORTANT: Only the SORA network tokens are available for swapping at the moment
Make sure you agree with all the transaction details and have enough XOR for fees
Continue by clicking on the corresponding button below. That's it, you've just succesfully swapped your tokens right inside your Fearless Wallet browser extensions.