Exporting and Importing a Wallet Using a Passphrase

Exporting an Account From Fearless Wallet

In your Fearless Wallet app, click on Settings.
Then on Accounts.
Click on the "circled i" next to your wallet name.
Click on Export account and select Mnemonic passphrase.
To import your wallet in Polkadot.js, open the Polkadot.js extension in your browser.
Click on Import account from pre-existing seed, as shown below.
Finally, input your seed phrase.

Importing an Account to Fearless Wallet

Unfortunately, Polkadot.js does not allow you to export your seed once you've created your wallet. (More info here). If you haven't saved your seed phrase, you will have to export the JSON file. Have a look at the next tutorial to learn how to import using a JSON file!
If you have already saved your passphrase, open the Fearless Wallet app and click on Settings and then Accounts.
Then on Add account and Import Account.
Select the correct Source type from the drop down menu to use while importing your account.
If you're importing your wallet using the Mnemonic passphrase, you'll have to choose a name for your account in the Fearless Wallet app.
Instead, if you're using a JSON file, you'll also have to type the password you used to protect that wallet on the Polkadot.js extension!
Last modified 2mo ago