How to Access your Teer Rewards from the Integritee Kusama Crowdloan
ℹ️ Integritee and other token rewards will be available within your Fearless Wallet soon, in the meantime, here are the steps to claim Teer rewards from Integritee Kusama crowdloans. We thank you for your patience and invite you to remain Fearless.

How to see your Teer tokens

  1. 1.
    Export your Fearless Wallet account to polkadot.js using this tutorial.
  2. 2.
    Navigate to polkadot.js (be sure to select Integritee chain at the top right, click on the previous link to be redirected automatically). If you're asked, update the metadata:
After that, return to your Account in polkadot.js and you should be able to see your Teer balance.
If you don’t see your account in the list, please open the extension in the top right of your browser, then on three dots next to your account and be sure it is set on Allow to use on any chain:
For more information, visit: